A legendary taste in a cup to enjoy the real experience of pure buffalo milk with treacle.

Rs.275.00 (500ml)


A real twist of Lucky yogurt for customers to enjoy a cup of curd in a jiffy. Made with pure buffalo milk. Available in 80g & 5007 packs with a treacle pouch. This is one of the new products developed based on traditional product of Curd with Treacle. Due to the current consumer’s life style curd cup has burgeoning Market. This comes in 160g cup attached with a delicious Treacle packet to add a delighting taste to Curd. 500g pack also available.

Serving Size: (120ml, 500ml)

Nutritional Information per 100g (3.5 Oz)

  • Protein: 4.2g 
  • Minerals: 0.8g 
  • Lactose: 4.8g 
  • Fat: 5.5g 
  • Total Solids: 17.3g 
  • Vitamins: A & D


Pure Buffalo Milk

Probiotic Culture: